The NBA just dropped the 2020-2021 City Edition Jerseys and boy oh boy was the internet lit on fire! Every year we have some candidates for best, worst and most outlandish NBA jersey’s and 2020 was no exception. The NBA did an awesome job on these and that’s no surprise because the NBA is the leader of the 4 major sports in mainly every category. So without further ado, here’s my rankings of the 2020 NBA City Edition Jerseys. Enjoy!

30. Boston Celtics

NJB Celtics are going to look like a pee wee team in these abominations.

29. Brooklyn Nets

This jersey would be a 16th seed in any bracket.

28. Cleveland Cavaliers

These look like the text someone uses when they’re mocking you. NiCe JeRsEyS bRo.

27. Orlando Magic


26. New Orleans Pelicans

So much potential here. Much like the Saints, the Pelicans flopped when it mattered.

25. New York Knicks


24. Minnesota Timberwolves

You could tell me this was their every day jerseys and I wouldn’t even bother debating you.

23. Philadelphia 76ers

Ben Simmons getting constantly dealt a shit hand is such a sad thing to see.

22. Chicago Bulls

Something about changing the Bulls jerseys doesn’t sit right with me.

21. Los Angeles Clippers

Lazy. Like Doc Rivers in the playoffs.

20. Sacramento Kings

This is an okay jersey. I just don’t know many Kings fans that would wear these. (Sorry Yas)

19. Milwaukee Bucks

I like the dramatic color shock (green to blue), I’m happy for Giannis, these are WAVY!

18. Houston Rockets

Another color shock, looks like the Tennessee Titans (Oilers?), and if you know me, I hate the Titans!

17. Portland Trailblazers

Put these on with your Air Jordan 1 Mocha’s and do some legal meth in Oregon.

16. Oklahoma City Thunder

Shai is gonna look sweet in these. I like.

15. Dallas Mavericks

Golden boy, Luka, gets some golden threads to match his golden play.

14. Washington Wizards

DC fans are gonna love these patriotic threads, no doubt!

13. Detroit Pistons

Is Blake Griffin signaling he wants to return to the Clippers with these?

12. Los Angeles Lakers

Sick throwbacks. Laker fans are so spoiled.

11. Denver Nuggets

Su-whoop. John Wall might demand a trade to Denver after seeing these.

10. Utah Jazz

Utah has to be the sickest place to play in the NBA. Fire jerseys and multiple wives? I’m in.

9. Memphis Grizzlies

Ja boy loves these Memphis jerseys! Can’t beat this color scheme!

8. Charlotte Hornets

Carl is gonna own a LaMelo ball jersey by the end of the year. Book it.

7. Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks are awesome for this. We hear you loud and clear ATL.

6. Toronto Raptors

Drake designed these. IDC what anyone says.

5. Indiana Pacers

FIRE! Can’t wait to see these on court!

4. Miami Heat

Miami vice! Tyler Herro and Jimmy Buckets are going to shine brighter than these jerseys!

3. San Antonio Spurs

David Robinson wishes he could wear these bad boys! Straight hot heat bruh!

2. Phoenix Suns

Kelly Oubre Jr. Chris Paul is gonna look so dope dishing the rock to Devin Booker in the Valley wearing these Paypal sponsored threads.

1. Golden State Warriors

Throwback. A mix of old school and new school. Curry gotta be happy that he gets to cook with this apron.

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