Well, 49ers football is back, and while I am excited to watch my favorite team play, they are already working my nerves. Especially Jimmy Garoppolo.

If you follow me on Twitter, or know me personally, you know that I am quick to defend Jimmy G when it comes to all the hate and criticism that comes his way.

“He’s the weak link”

“He’s trash”

“He’s been carried by the defense and the run game”

All bullshit that I heard all last season while he was doing his part to lead the 49ers to a 13-3 record and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. So, when he played a role in the 49ers epic choke job in the Super Bowl back in February, hate came is way, and deservedly so.

However, all offseason, I defended Jimmy G because I felt as if he showed that he can be a competent quarterback in this league. He’s a winner and never ran from the big moments. He was top five in touchdown passes (27), top five in completion percentage (69.1) and top five in yards per attempt (8.4), the only quarterback to be top five in all three categories. All of this while fresh off a torn ACL in his first full season as a starter.

“See the thing about the old days is, they the old days.” Real ones will know where that is from.

I use that quote to say that what he did last year was great, but that was last year and it is time to build on that year that he had…and on Sunday, against a bad Cardinals defense, he did the exact opposite.

If you looked at his stats and not the game, you would have thought that he had a decent game. 19-33, 259 yards and 2 touchdown passes. Yeah it looked fine on paper, but if you actually watched the game, you would see that he looked absolutely lost out there.

Exhibit A

His throws were all over the place, his vision was awful, and he was extremely close to being one of the most hated 49ers. Because of his awful throw to Kittle, he injured his knee. Thankfully, it was not as bad as it looked.

If the 49ers want to be talked about as the team to beat, Jimmy G has to be better. He has to learn to trust his receivers that he may not have as much chemistry with such as Pettis or Trent Taylor (they haven’t played together in two years, the chemistry ain’t there right now). He also must learn to use his legs to avoid the sack, one of my biggest issues with him last season.

Not only that, he made 49ers legend Jerry Rice look bad by stinking up the joint out there. Jerry Rice said that he was better than Dak Prescott. I disagreed with this before last Sunday, but now it really makes Jerry Rice look bad, because Jimmy wasn’t even better than rookie Joe Burrow on Sunday. That’s the harsh reality.

However, as awful as Jimmy looked, I 100% believe that he can turn it around, starting this Sunday against the Jets.

The Giants and Jets games are the perfect opportunity for him to get in some sort of rhythm with his receiving core of Aiyuk (fingers crossed), Pettis, Taylor and recently signed vet receiver Sanu. He needs to be sharp in these games and put this offense on his back.

I am going to end this by saying that Jimmy Garoppolo is my quarterback and I will continue to support and defend him when I think it is necessary. I cannot and will not defend what I saw on Sunday against the Cardinals. I expect better from Jimmy, and hopefully that is what we see.