The art of sneak dissing is a rare skill to hone to perfection. It is often used in music when rappers throw subtle shots at one another to let the other know that they are not a fan of the type of behavior the other rapper might be partaking in. For us non-rappers, sneak dissing can come in many forms, but for this example, we’ll use twitter.

A twitter sneak diss can come in many forms. It can be a subtweet, or a tweet directed at a person with out them being tagged in it, it could come in the form of a like (I.e. person X tweets something negative about person Y, those who like the tweet of person X, are essentially sneak dissing person Y) or it could come in the form of one of twitter’s biggest endorsements, A retweet.

Enter the two parties, both backup Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterbacks, Devlin Hodges and Mason Rudolph. Hodges is still not as widely known after being an undrafted free agent for the Steelers and Rudolph has had a rocky start to his career after being drafted in the 3rd round of the 2018 NFL Draft. I personally think Hodges is the better quarterback, but they’re both still back ups until Big Ben decides to retire.

Rudolph is mainly famous for his part in a Thursday Night Football fiasco vs the Cleveland Browns.

Hodges had already debut for the Steelers due to an earlier Rudolph injury, but was sent back to the bench when Rudolph was good to go. Hodges wasn’t bad, he was just an undrafted rookie playing over a former 3rd round pick, which can look bad on the front office sometimes.

These two are in a battle for the Steelers’ backup quarterback job and what’s a quarterback competition with out a little mental warfare. Just a disclaimer before I really get going: I’m not sure if they’re best friends or not, I don’t know if they hate each other, and this is purely speculation.

Some have been speculating that Hodges is the obvious answer at backup, but as I previously stated, you can’t just dump a 3rd round pick.

Saturday Morning I came across this video tweet by Devlin Hodges (really cute video by the way) where he stumbles upon a small fawn. Hodges pets the small fawn on the head and the fawn proceeds to let out a scream and run away. So I crafted what I thought would be a throw away tweet, ricochet shot, subtweet to Mason Rudolph, basically saying that he resembles the aura of a fawn.

I didn’t think anything of it and my main goal was to rattle up some Steelers fans by calling their 2nd or 3rd string QB a little baby fawn. Then things took a turn for the better (for me, not Mason.)

Devlin Hodges retweeted my comment and really got the whole tweet jumping. Usually when you retweet something, you endorse it. You are backing up the tweet and basically co-signing what the other person is saying.

Some people might not see this as a big deal but from where I am standing it looks like Hodges knows he’s the better and more likable quarterback. If they were really close friends I don’t think Hodges retweets my tweet.

Rudolph never interacted with the tweet, so that’s what really got me thinking. If your boy roasts you on twitter you usually come back with some sort of witty response or even a like to brush off the tweet, but if someone you don’t like roasts or if someone is acting passive-aggressive and subtweets you, going dark or being silent would be tactic that could be used in this type of scenario.

It’s looking like we can boil this down to a classic sneak diss by Hodges. Hodges is in Rudolph’s head and the Steelers QB room is already looking rocky and it’s only May.