Everyone loves a good underdog story, but a riches to rags story is something that we don’t see as often. Jared “The Rocket” Carrabis is a Baseball blogger and a very spicy Red Sox fan for the very popular Barstool Sports.

The Rocket was on top of the world early 2020, coming off a World Series win in 2018, relentlessly fighting for and vindicating his boy, Alex Cora, and a slew of “you hate to see it” victories over his arch nemesis, Hubbs, Carrabis was sitting pretty among the Barstool rankings. Until he ran into a buzzsaw of 26 straight Rock, Paper, Scissor losses. Yes, twenty-six.

With the quarantine in full affect and baseball no where insight, the Rocket took to social media and came up with a very creative and interactive spin on the old game Rock, Paper, Scissors and thus, “Rocket, paper, scissors” was born.

Jared was able to get some of the brightest stars in the MLB such as: Bo Bichette, Christian Yelich, Trevor Bauer, Curt Schilling, Andrew Benintendi and a ton more from around the league.

Jared made friendly bets with each opponent before playing RPS and he started 2-4 with wins over JD Martinez and John Means, but the Rocket has yet to see a victory ever since.

Since beating Means in game 6 to get to 2-4, the Rocket has gone for an unprecedented 26 game loss streak. The odds of losing 25 straight games of rock, paper, scissors are 33 Million to 1.

So if baseball comes back this summer, it looks like Jared’s gonna have a hefty debt of bets to pay on.

This will go down as one of the worst losing streaks of all time, but there are still some other teams that have had their fair share of losses, so let’s take a look at some of my favorites courtesy of stadiumtalk.com:

1. Buffalo Bills Come Up Small in the Big Game Four Straight Times 1990-1993
2. Chicago Cardinals’ 29-Game Losing Streak Is Still the Longest in NFL History 1942-1945
3.  Caltech Basketball Makes College Basketball History With 207 Successive Defeats 1996-2007
4. Prairie View A&M Football Suffers 80 Straight Defeats 1989-1998
5. Buccaneers Kick Off Their Franchise With 26 Straight Losses 1976-1977
6. Princeton’s Sprint Football Team Sprinted Toward Futility With 106 Losses in a Row 1999-2015
7. Anthony Young Makes MLB History by Losing 27 Consecutive Decisions as a Pitcher 1992-1993
8. Dallas Mavericks Suffer Double-Digit Losses in 12 Straight Games 1992
9. Over 260 Events Later, Charlie Wi Is Still Searching for his First PGA Tour Win 2002-Present
10. Pistons’ Playoff Futility With 14 Straight Defeats Is Alive and Well 2008-1992

Anyway, let’s all take some time and hope for the Rocket to get back on track and catch a W in whatever RPS games he has left. Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for, enjoy this new 30 for 30: Failure to Launch. Stay Hot Rocket.