All of us have been cooped up during this Covid-19 pandemic for about a month now and as I’ve seen via twitter, a lot of my followers have been cheating on their diets, skipping some work outs and binging on their favorite foods.

A quarantine is a perfect time to toss all responsibilities aside. That and all gyms being closed are the perfect scenario to cast aside your diet and make Postmates and Netflix the top 2 apps on your phone.

That’s the same case for professional athletes. Athlete’s are people too and they aren’t immune to the temptations of breaking their diet and skipping a work out every once and a while.

So this got me thinking, of all current athletes, who would be under the most pressure to stay in shape and avoid the challenge of calling of Postmates every day? Zion Williamson.

Zion made his NBA debut on January 22, 2020 vs the San Antonio Spurs, and as seen above, ESPN spent the entire 3 hour broadcast letting people know that Zion was the co-captain of the NBA all-thick team. Even at 285, Zion was putting up solid numbers and helping his team during a playoff run before the 2019-20 season was cut short.

Zion burst on to the scene in 2017-2018 where he was famous for his monster dunks against inferior talent while playing for Spartanburg Day School and for gaining 100 lbs in 2 years!

Starting to get the vibe that after Zion gained 100 lbs in high school, he was drafted to the all-thick team and never looked back. Zion is a great young player in the NBA with a bright future, but could you think of a worse time to be a crawfish in New Orleans right now?

New Orleans is the home of Zion Williamson and also the home of many special creole dishes such as: gumbo, jambalaya, beignes, po-boys, crawfish, crawfish ettoufee, red beans and rice and bananas foster.

Let’s catch up. We got a lock down, we have a 285 lb 19-year-old and we have access to almost any meal at the touch of a button. These are tough times for Zion and we need to check up on him regularly. Zion’s already been criticized about his weight and it’s become sort of a running joke in the NBA.

Zion has been sitting in New Orleans for about a month now and you’re going to look me in the eye and tell me he’s been drinking Kale smoothies and grilled chicken salads? Fuck no, Zion is probably crushing crawfish at an alarming rate of 23.6 CPS (Crawfish per sitting), downing a bowl of jambalaya and capping it off with 10 beignets to give him a Louisiana triple-double each night.

And with the NBA set to start opening facilities on May 1st, we need to step up as a whole and check up on the 19 year old New Orleans power forward from time to time and hold him accountable.

Join me in helping keep Zion on track by tweeting him once and a while around dinner time!

All jokes, pulling for you Zion, stay safe! (and in shape.)