It’s draft day and I am excited as ever to see what the 49ers are going to do with their first round picks. Ever since they traded DeForest Buckner to the Colts for their 13th overall pick, there has been much anticipation of them drafting any of the three top tier receivers in Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs III or Ceedee Lamb.

I would love any of those receivers as I believe that they could thrive in the Kyle Shanahan offense in Santa Clara. However, there is another move that the 49ers could make on draft day that would both make sense and make Niner Faithful happy. Fair warning, I am about to stir the pot with this one.

With the 13th pick in the draft, the San Francisco 49ers should select…..defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw out of South Carolina. When they traded Buckner, that left a gaping hole in their dominant defensive line. Javon Kinlaw can most definitely fill that void. Kinlaw also wants to come here.

I know, at first glance, that may sound crazy to some people. Believe me, it was crazy to me as well. It’s not as crazy when you watch his highlights from last season. The dude is a monster and can make a difference defensively. This pick still leaves the void of a wide receiver unfilled. Here is a possible way they can fill that void.

The 49ers also have the 31st pick in the first round, and because they have the 13th pick, they can trade that pick to the Cleveland Browns for Odell Beckham Jr.

Allow me to explain.

A true playmaking wide receiver has not put on a San Francisco 49er uniform since Terrell Owens. Not Michael Crabtree and no, not Anquan Boldin either. Both were great, but not true number one receivers. Drafting Deebo Samuel last season was good, but he’s not a true number one receiver and going into his second year, he should not have all that pressure to carry the load at wide receiver. They need a veteran receiver who can cause problems for defenses.

I remember this trade was a topic of discussion last season where trade suggestions involved the 49ers sending their second overall pick, which ended up being Nick Bosa, for OBJ. Thank God that didn’t happen.

However, the 49ers can ditch that 31st pick, now that they have the 13th pick and they can use that pick as trade bait and try to acquire one of the best wide receivers in the game.

OBJ is another lethal weapon for Jimmy Garoppolo to throw to and he will open up the field. Just imagine a defense have to plan for the 49ers run game, George Kittle, Deebo Samuel and OBJ. That’s a nightmare for any defense.

Look at what the addition of veteran Emmanuel Sanders did for the 49ers when they traded for him last season. He played a role in elevating the play of Jimmy G, Deebo Samuel was taken under his wing and his game rose to new heights and Kendrick Bourne became a reliable red zone target. Just imagine what OBJ can do in this offense.

There is the issue with his antics and if the Browns are actually willing to part ways with him. In his first season with the Browns, the team collapsed like a house of cards. Cleveland is a team that has glaring needs in multiple positions, maybe that 31st pick gives them an opportunity to try and turn things around again. Maybe that isn’t enough to convince Cleveland.

There is also the salary cap issue, where they would have to cut some players in order to free up some space. Maybe Marquise Goodwin, who are they activey looking to trade, or Tevin Coleman. While Coleman had his moments with the 49ers last season, it is well worth letting him go for a talent like Odell Beckham. There is also the possibility of restructuring if freeing up space is not a possibility.

While it may seem like a miracle for this to happen, the 49ers should at least attempt to pull this off. It seems like a no-brainer, but there is a multi-step process, I am aware of all this, but you almost have to do your due diligence and inquire about it. As of right now, the NFC still goes through the 49ers, but acquiring the 27 year-old receiver would solidify that and give them a great shot in their journey back to the Super Bowl.