How’s this for an all-time WTF story, and I know it sounds made up but I have the receipts! For those who don’t know the LSU legend, Derrius Guice is a professional running back and a former 2nd round pick in the NFL. Guice currently plays for the Washington Redskins and was a rockstar at LSU in 2015-2017.

It was just a normal Tuesday, scrolling through twitter and I see current Redskins running back, Derrius Guice pop up on my timeline

I figured it was worth a shot. It would be fun to chat with a current NFL star and I’m always down for a wager. Guice is a pretty cool dude from what I’ve seen on twitter and it wouldn’t hurt to shoot my shot, so I sent him a direct message.

Here’s where it gets crazy, Guice actually replied! A lot of NFL guys don’t really interact with their fans, so when he DM’d me his number, I was rattled. It was definitely a first for me.

I was locked in at this point because a bet is a bet and I was ready to go. It didn’t matter which game we were gonna play.

Guice wasn’t feeling archery, so I texted him iMessages famous Cup Pong and we got underway

I got off to a pretty hot start, and eventually I got down to only 1 cup vs Guice’s 6 cups.

We probably went 4-5 turns each with the score stuck at 6-1 (me) and that’s when I started thinking I was going to choke. Of course, right after I text that, I sink the last cup and go on to win the game.

Guice was a good sport and wanted to pay his end of the bet immediately. I never wanted money from the pro NFL back, but I was cool with the interaction and a follow back.

Definitely this went down and I’m glad I got to experience this. This is going to be one of those stories that I’ll look back on 5-10 years from today when Guice is playing vs. the Cowboys or something. Guice definitely earned a fan for life in me and I’m rooting for the guy to do well and stay healthy! Geaux Guice! Life time friend of the website!