The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, or whatever you want to call the current mess we are in, has ruined just about everything. Current sports seasons, think NBA or MLB, are on permanent hold and future sports seasons, think NFL, are up in the air. As of right now, we don’t know when we’re going to get sports back and having to deal with that along with being in quarantine is a nightmare. Rumors began swirling today that NY or CA won’t see any type of mass gathering, including sporting events, until 2021.

Just like everyone else I assume, I have been sitting at home, watching Netflix or Hulu, scrolling through Twitter and Instagram, and joining Zoom parties with my friends and family to keep myself busy, doing everything I possibly can to keep from going crazy. Yesterday, on my Twitter scroll number 63859684792 of the day, I came across this tweet from Bleacher Report:

I thought to myself, “Damn, shout out to Russell Westbrook for giving back to his community.” Then I thought back and remembered all the different tweets and articles I’ve seen these past few weeks of some of our favorite players giving back to their communities. As professional athletes on our favorite sports teams a lot of these players are idols and heroes to so many, and to see them give back is pretty freaking cool. It is not their responsibility and they do not need to share their charity with the rest of the world, but in a time of pandemic like we are in now, seeing them give back and be present in their communities gave me some positivity even for just a moment. So let’s look at how some of our favorite athletes have given back during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020.

But first…

Quick shout out to Russell Westbrook for sponsoring a dealership in my hometown! I don’t know how many people get to claim that, but I respect the hustle and I’m claiming that. Keep doing you Russell Westbrook, the entrepreneur/businessman.

Now that Garden Grove’s claim to fame is out of the way (besides the Sublime song). See below for some great examples of leadership and supporting your community, here is how some of our favorites have given back:

Star Wide Receiver for the Buccaneers, Mike Evans donated $100k to help fight Covid-19 In both Florida and Texas. Props to him for supporting both the city that he plays for and the city that raised him.

All Major League Baseball Clubs were able to come together and raise $30 million to support ball park employees who were affected by the delayed season start. Pretty cool, shout out to the MLB.

Even if the support isn’t monetary, getting the chance to talk to one of your favorite athletes can be life changing. Shout out to Steph Curry for supporting our medical professionals and acknowledging their sacrifices to keep us safe.

Athletes everywhere have been showing up and showing out for their communities and those in need at this time. These are just some of the very few examples. Quarantine is rough, and when we can’t have games to watch, seeing these tweets and posts gives this sports fan some hope.