Twitter has it’s ups and downs, a lot of you guys already know that. Twitter is a place where anyone and everyone can express their opinions and thoughts and sometimes you happen to catch a talented artist, a good deed, an athlete who you might have never heard of and when these people are discovered, it’s cool to see that person go viral. At the same time Twitter is a platform that offers it’s service to anyone with a slither of internet connection, including those who are unworthy. It truly gives everyone a voice, and I mean everyone.

So with this in mind, should some one who’s been brutally and viciously sacked 267 times in the National Football League be allowed to operate a Twitter account that is connected to the outside world?

David Carr, brother of current Raiders QB Derek Carr, is a regular face in the NFL world. David was a former number one overall pick in 2002, to the then new Houston Texans, former high school offensive coordinator and he has been regular as on air talent for NFL Network since 2016.

David Carr is famous for being the Texans’ first ever pick in franchise history, but just a little more famous for holding 2 of the top 3 spots as the “Most sacked QB in a single season.”

Carr spends most of his time on Twitter pandering to his brother by retweeting “Pro-Derek Carr videos” and constantly trying to push the idea that Derek Carr is a good quarterback (he’s not).

Derek even returns the favor with a quote tweet of his own.

Per Pro Football Reference, Carr was sacked 76 times in 2002 and he almost broke his own record in 2005 after being sacked 68 times. Quite a little bit of a hot streak.

Fast forward to April of 2020 and David Carr seems to find himself in the middle of another hot streak: Consecutively tweeting garbage while talking about the quarterback position.

I know that seems like a made up ESPN stat, but I can assure you it’s legit. Just see for yourself

David starts off by coming at Jameis Winston (Didn’t even tag Winston, coward move)

I saw this blatant disrespect and just had to step in for the defenseless Jameis Winston.

Boom. Roasted.

Then someone must have alerted Jameis about David’s subtweet, because Jameis chirped back

Love this from the free agent QB, all class with a little #LAHater hashtag to get the blood flowing. Carr must have not seen this coming (like any D-end in 2002) cause his response was a weak backhanded compliment.

David’s not done there. Later on in the week, Carr goes on to give his opinion to my Cincinnati Bengals on the topic of the #1 overall pick in this years upcoming 2020 NFL Draft after seeing this amazing athletic near-impossible feat by Bengals QB, Andy Dalton.

Derek- I mean David, I’m not sure if its the 267 sacks you’ve taken in your career or your jealousy of future Bengals’ QB Joe Burrow’s escapability but this ain’t it chief. A video of Andy Dalton drilling a target from 13 yards away does nothing for me or anyone. This video along with Jameis’ work out video might be better suited as training tools for a certain QB in Las Vegas who’s about to lose his job to a former Heisman winner (Marcus Mariota.)

Twitter isn’t for everyone David, and it’s not a good look when you retweet Derek Carr “highlights” and then turn around and criticize a guy who is working hard and minding his own business, like Jameis Winston. The only time you should speak on the #1 overall pick, is when you apologize to the Houston Texans for duping them into making them think you were a good choice at #1 overall.

Sure, Andy Dalton is still serviceable, his next team should be happy with what they are getting and yeah Chase Young is a monster, but drafting Joe Burrow immediately helps the Cincinnati Bengals and their new expensive free agent acquisitions. If you can’t see that, then I think we have a hot case of early onset CTE.