Imagine waking up and reading that one of the owners of your team died? As if 2020 hasn’t already felt like a horrible dream. When you passionately follow a sports team, you not only build a connections with the players, but also for the people responsible for putting that team on the field. Hank Steinbrenner was one of those people.

His death was reported by several media outlets as not being associated with COVID-19.

Apparently he has been fighting an illness, as to how long he had been fighting prior to this tragedy, is unknown (the Steinbrenner’s are known to keep things under wrap). (younger brother of Hank) slowly became the face of the New York Yankees over the years, which we can assume may have been a reason for that decision.

There isn’t much else to say besides that we are all deeply saddened.

At the young age of 63, we have lost another great man. I just wish we could have given him a World Series before he left us. This next one is for you, Boss. #HGS28