The MLB is working hard to make sure that they keep all the attention on themselves during this crazy quarantine time we now call life, and boy are they killing it!

The MLB partnered up with the famous MLB video game, MLB The Show 20, and 30 players (one from each team) from around the league put their skills to the test against their rivals from around the league!

What an exciting concept! Killing two birds with one stone! The MLB is finding a way to market it’s new young players and they are passing the time and keeping eyeballs on the sport during this pandemic. Also, the prize money goes to charity and that’s always great!

It’s only right that the MLB pulled some talent from the ball clubs around the league. You can’t just grab Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw off their couch and put them in front of a screen and tell them to dance. Nah, you have to find the young blood on each team’s roster and give them an opportunity to shine.

Now, the league was on to something when it decided to pick one player specifically from a Southern California ball club. Major League Baseball made then right choice when it chose it’s Padres player, one of the best, brightest and youngest stars, Fernando Tatis Jr.

Who ever decided on Fernando Tatis Jr. representing the Padres should be employee of the month and even given a key to San Diego.

His play on the field is mesmerizing because Tatis Jr. is an electric factory. Tagging up on shallow pop flies, making impossible plays at SS and going yard consistently. Tatis Jr. is a great future all start for San Diego’s young core. He had 22 bombs and about twice as many highlights on defense before a back injury shut him down in August 2019. But, just see for yourself:

Tatis Jr. is known for his electric play on the field, but who knew this guy was just as electric off the field? Tatis Jr. was a bolt of energy and straight up an ELECTRIC FACTORY during his match ups vs. Bo Bichette TOR, Ryne Stanek MIA and Luke Jackson ATL. Personally, I can’t wait for baseball to be back so I can head down to Petco and watch him live.

Without further ado, here are his top 5 moments from his twitch stream on Sunday!
Shout out to @CespedesBBQ for clipping these!

5. “Just Like in real life!”

4. “That’s why they pay him!”

3. “I’m too fast! I’m too fast!”

2. “MR. 305!!!”


Fernando Tatis Jr. is currently 3-1 in the MLB The Show League and is scheduled to play next Vs. Gavin Lux, Hunter Pence, Carlos Santana and Niko Goodrum on Wednesday April 15th, 2020 and you can watch live on Twitch (Ftatis) at 9PM EST!