With the NBA going cold turkey right before the heat of the playoff race in mid-march, many fans have been left with blue balls instead of orange. Many fans, including myself have many questions about the remaining games in the 2019-2020 NBA season.

Are they going to finish the season? What’s gonna happen to the playoff race? What about the ROY race? Contracts? and the most important to me… What’s gonna happen with the NBA Draft and the NBA Lottery??

I’m not some basketball wizard, I’m not Adrian Wojasoadnomndkdmaski, I know some basketball, not much but it’s fun to watch. I like the schedule (Oct-May) and I’m a casual fan of the game. I like the lifestyle of the players and I like the athleticism it takes to be elite on the hardwood. so I took to twitter and searched “NBA Lottery”…

This guy said bylaw so I automatically believe him…

and seeing this was funny, but also scary. Warriors just rested and could get a lottery pick. (and always love a Spongebob meme)

It’s crazy to think that this hasn’t happened before. The NBA had some issues with the schedule in 1998-99 and 2011-12 due to the collective bargaining negotiations. The NBA only played 50 games in ’99 and 66 in ’12, but the NBA has never cut a season short before in the history of the game. As of today it looks like the NBA is going to scrap the 2019-2020 season, so what should they do about the lottery?

Heres my proposal. The NBA should take the standings from 2019-2020 and have those standings be the final results. No champion if they don’t resume play and proceed with normal lottery rules as they head into the 2020 NBA Draft. Let’s take a look at the standings

Now I’m gonna shoot you guys straight, I don’t know how the NBA lottery works. All I know is that there is ping pong balls, and if you suck you get more balls and that’s a good thing. So for example the Golden State Warriors, would have the best chances at the #1 pick and the Cavs would have the second best chances so on and so forth.

Look at the #7 spot, the Chicago Bulls. The Chicago Bulls would have the 7th best chance at the #1 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, but getting the top pick isn’t impossible. If the Chicago Bulls can somehow sneak their way into the top 2 or 3, I think they can land the young phenom point guard, LaMelo Ball. Ball is famous for being brothers with the former NBA number two overall pick, Lonzo Ball and dropping 92 points in a high school game in 2017.

I’m not saying they’ll be good or competitive in 2021, but If the Bulls end up pulling this off and acquiring the 6’7″ point guard, they will have set off a chain reaction in an irreversible process to make me, a first ballot hall of fame fan, a Bulls fan.

That’s only the first reason/step in this process. Here are the rest:

Step 1: Draft LaMelo Ball

This guy is a 6’7″ point guard with incredible clout and even better play. His dad, LaVar Ball, is only a plus in this whole deal. Father Ball Vs. Jordan for years to come.

Step 2: Acquire Anthony Davis

A very do-able task. Davis, a Chicago native, has hinted a return to his home town many times and has very strong ties to the Windy City.

We’re getting closer.. The Bulls job is done here. Now on to my reasons.

Reason 1: Chicago is awesome

If you’ve been, you know that Chi-town is a great sports town and overall a top 5 city in the United States. If you haven’t been, get your ass there.

Reason 2: MJ23

As I get older, I’m starting to appreciate the goat a lot more than before. Lebron and Kobe are great, but MJ23 just hits different.

Reason 3: More Shoes

This was almost #1, but the Chicago Bulls color way is undefeated. The amount of combos I could rock at the United Center would be endless.

Reason 4: Coby White and Giordano’s

I wanted to mash these two up as sort of a yin and yang type combo. Coby White is a 2019-20 rookie for the Bulls and Giordano’s is a long time staple in Chicago. The old and new of the Windy City.

My resume as a fan is unwavering, I’d say that the Bulls would be interested in my fandom due to my lighting fast defense and my rapid fire chirps that would be used to defend this historic franchise. It would be a major win for the Bulls if they acquire Ball, Davis and Farias in 2021.

Here’s the rundown of what the Chicago Bulls will acquire if they land one of the top 3 lottery picks:

Chicago Bulls Receive:

  • LaMelo Ball (Elite PG)
  • Anthony Davis (Elite PF)
  • Me (Elite Fan)

Chicago Bulls Lose:

  • Zach LaVine (ass)
  • Lauri Markkanen (ass)

I know you’re surprised by the LaVine and Markkanen departures, but they are incredibly ass so they have to go.

Ultimately, I’m excited to be on board with the Chicago Bulls’ plan of trying to acquire me as a fan, but we still have to wait for many pieces to fall into place. The first one being the trickiest because it has yet to be determined how the 2020 NBA Lottery will take place. I hope the NBA can come up with a favorable solution so that all 3 parties (Bulls organization, Myself and the NBA) can come to an agreement.