Everybody loves new jerseys. It doesn’t matter for which sport, which team or which player, when a sports organizations drops a new jersey or color way, the world (twitter basically) stops rotating for a second and the team revealing the new jerseys becomes the belle at the ball for a few hours.

This week, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were set to drop their new jersey’s, and Bucs’ fans were HYPED UP! (Haha calm down Matt)

Something about a new uniforms just gets the people going, even if it’s not your squad getting new threads. Especially during this pandemic, a news alert of a team revealing new uniforms is just what the doctor ordered. New uniforms bring a rush of excitement and electric vibes to the fanbase and obviously they are a great way to boost revenue.

But before we get to the juicy center of the uniform drop, here’s some suspense from the Bucs’ social media (nice SpongeBob meme)

Finally, here’s what the Buccaneers dropped today:

Not bad, not bad, actually some great work here by the Tampa Bay Bucs. The Bucs’ and their fans are sitting pretty this off season after acquiring 6 time Super Bowl Champion and GOAT, Tom Brady, so it does kinda suck that he couldn’t be featured in the hype video.

Today should have been a celebratory day for Bucs fans as they get excited over the new gear they’ll be rocking in 2020, and it was…. Until the Atlanta “HOTLANTA” “DIRTY BIRDZ” “ATL” Falcons jumped in the mix and cucked the absolute FUCK out of the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Exactly 4 hours after the Bucs revealed their spicy new threads, the Hotlanta Dirty Birdz came in from the top rope and slammed down this 1-upper of a tweet

While the Falcons tweet didn’t include a set date or time for their new uniform release, one twitter user tweeted multiple pictures of the Falcons “new” uniforms. These were called “leaks”, but I know for a fact that this was a well executed attack by the Hotlanta Falcons.

and one more uniform bomb from this random twitter user.

Now these uni’s put the HOT in Hotlanta! The red, black and white are a great combination of colors and the gradient color way is literally next level! They might not be the best uniforms in the NFL but they didn’t have to be, they only had to be better than the Bucs’ new uniforms, and they beat them by a mile!

Professional sports team’s social medias have been really stepping their game up over the past few years, and we’ve seen it all from professional sports teams on twitter, but in my opinion, this has to be one of the more elite-level chess moves by the Atlanta Falcons, a franchise that is usually the butt of the joke on social media ever since the 28-3 lead they blew in Super Bowl LI in 2017.

Kudos to the Falcons, I can’t get over the fact that they pulled this off. To have the ability to track the progress of your division rival’s jersey reveal while keeping your own jersey reveal a secret is some high-level military precision and credit is given where credit is due.

While some might choose to see this as a coincidence, the rivalry intensifies between the Falcons and Bucs in 2020, and it should be interesting when they clash in 2020 Look for the Falcons to bounce back in the social media and the petty wars game in 2020. On the field they should still be pretty shitty.