Day 14. We’re only on day fourteen of “No Baseball”, and it has felt as if I haven’t seen a Major League Baseball game in over ten years. To all my female readers who have always wondered what blue balls feels like, today was a pretty good example. Baseball was officially postponed on 3/16/2020 and on that day the news just didn’t feel real, like most of the COVID-19 news and reports. Many baseball fans, like myself and many of my friends and acquaintances, had March 26th circled on thier calendars because of the American tradition of Opening Day for Major League Baseball, but that date no longer holds any power.

On March 16th, I sat in my truck in pure shock as I read the MLB’s tweet where they decided to postpone the MLB season. The press release stated that there would be no baseball for at least eight weeks. That meant two things: 1.) that March 26th was no longer relevant to me or any other baseball fan in the world and 2.) that there would be no baseball until AT LEAST May 11th!

I never thought this was real, but here we are, March 26th with no baseball on TV. 

Today was one of the weirdest days in all of the quarantine, and It almost felt like the MLB died or folded and was never coming back. I’m probably being over dramatic, but let’s make chicken salad out of chicken shit. 

I made a line up using only the initials in my name and filling every position on the diamond, and here’s what I got:

Mike Trout.

Center Fielder

DUH. Easy pick. Go Me!

Anthony Rendon

Third Baseman

Another easy homer pick for me, I’m killing this.

Xander Bogaerts

Short Stop

I was kinda limited with the X initial, but I should be fine with XB at short.

Freddie Freeman

First Baseman

Took the local kid here, FF should be a solid bat in this line up and do just fine at 1B.

Aaron Judge

Right Fielder

Ok, this is getting out of hand. My name has too many elite characters. All rise.

Ronald Acuna Jr.

Left Fielder

The anomaly for me here. Acuna brings youth and superstar skill to my lineup. Easy pick for “R.”

Ian Happ

Second Baseman

Maybe I spoke too soon. Had to take Happ with my “I” pick because there weren’t that many options. Bummer.

Austin Barnes


Give me a break here, I needed a catcher.

Stephen Strasburg


Let’s go. Gotta love a psychopath on the mound!

My boys easily make the postseason with 100+ wins and probably go back to back as World Series champs, but I wanna see how yall did!

If your name isn’t exactly nine letters, here’s how you can do this:

If your name is shorter than nine characters, simply repeat the characters until you get to nine spots.

Example: Name- Aj Green

1. A

2. J

3. G

4. R

5. E

6. E

7. N

8. A

9. J

If your name is longer than nine characters, go up to the ninth characters and stop.

Example: Name- Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

1. S

2. H

3. A

4. I

5. G

6. I

7. L

8. G

9. E

Have fun with it! Only use current players and fill every position! No DH! Let me know how you do on twitter @maxfarias27!